Bingo Possibilities

Here is the list of Commander-Bingo Possibilities. Some of these will be on your bingo card so be prepared.


Finish the game without searching your library

Deal the first damage of the game

win the game

spend 10 or more mana on a single spell

have 100 or more life

deal commander damage

attack with total power 40 or more in one combat

control 3 or more enchantments

control 3 or more artifacts

control 2 or more planeswalkers

control 3 or more non-token creatures with different names

control 2 or more non-token creatures with the same name

control 5 or more creature tokens

gain control of an opponent's permanent

copy another player's spell

control 15 or more lands

destroy 2 or more planeswalkers during the game

use a "fog" ability to save a player from death

give control of a permanent to another player

control a permanent that gives a global mana boost effect

reanimate 3 or more permanents in one game

deal the first damage of the game

control 3 or more legendary permanents

attack the player with the highest life total

play a mana rock turn 1, or play 2 mana rocks on the same turn

cast or ninjitsu your commander

cast a spell that benefits all players

cast a board-wipe

counter a spell that would counter a spell

draw 5 or more cards in a single turn

attack the same player 2 combats in a row

help another player complete one of their bingo squares

control 5 or more non-basic lands

kill 3 opponents commanders in the same game

finish the game without saying "draw a card"

have no permanents in play after turn 5

play a vanilla creature

Counter an activated or triggered ability

Become the monarch

Flip a coin or roll a die

Attack 2 different players before turn 5

Have 10 devotion to a single color

Have more cards in your graveyard than in your library

Be the first player to have no cards in hand

Ultimate a planeswalker

Create mana without tapping a land

Play a non-blue counter spell

Play a counter spell

Use a card from outside the game


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