Dark Nights Metal - DC Comics Deck Building Game

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    DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Dark Nights: Metal, which is based on the Dark Nights: Metal comic book series, lets 2-5 players take on The Batman Who Laughs and other evil versions of the Caped Crusader from the Dark Multiverse. Players must rescue and recruit fellow members of the Justice League, take advantage of instant rewards for defeating Super-Villains, and utilize foil cards with the new sub-type "Metal" as they race to save the Multiverse.

    Batman has discovered a Dark Multiverse and unleashed evil versions of himself upon our world! The Justice League must band together to defeat Barbatos, The Batman Who Laughs, and their Dark Knights. One Super Hero won't be enough to overcome these challenges.

    In this latest installment in the smash-hit DC Deck-Building Game series, you'll need to save Batman and other captured Super Heroes and recruit them to your team to save the Multiverse!

    202 Game Cards
    36 Punch Starter Cards
    16 Vulnerability Starter Cards
    97 Main Deck Cards
    16 Breakthrough Cards
    7 DC Super-Villain Cards
    30 Weakness Cards
    11 Oversized DC Super Heroes
    1 The Batman Who Laughs Tile
    1 Rulebook


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