Exploding Kittens: Good vs Evil

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    EXPLODING KITTENS - Good vs. Evil

    God and the Devil have been turned into cats and they’re bringing their eternal conflict to your living room!

    Exploding Kittens: Good vs. Evil features brand-new artwork and characters from our first-ever Netflix series. This high-stakes game of kitty-powered Russian Roulette lets you outsmart your friends, raise heck, and stage your own epic battles…all while trying not to explode! Plus we’ve added Armageddon Cards that launch an exclusive mini-game where you duke it out for possession of the most powerful card we’ve ever created. 

    Play this game on its own, or combine this deck with any expansion of Exploding Kittens to double the fun. 

    2-5 players      Ages 7+     15 minute play time


    Draw cards

    Players take turns picking up cards, while trying to avoid the Exploding Kitten cards.

    Don't explode.

    If somebody draws an Exploding Kitten card, they explode. They are dead and are booted from the game.

    Defuse the kittens.

    Players can stay alive by defusing the kittens with things like laser pointers or catnip sandwiches.


    There are various action cards which allow you to develop complex strategies for avoiding drawing an Exploding Kittens, such as attacking other players and forcing them to draw extra cards.

    Betray your friends.

    Try not to explode.

    It’s game that lets you develop fun and/or cruel strategies against one another.

    Check out the official rules for gameplay instructions.

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