Truth or Drink: On The Rocks

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    Expands the original Truth or Drink: On The Rocks deck into a Standalone version. 432 all-new questions guaranteed to shake things up. The set uses the rules from the from the Second Edition of the base game.

    Are you prepared to dive deep below the surface of your friendships?

    Chill questions for mixed company—with just enough of a bite to help you loosen up together.

    • WHAT S IS IT?!: Truth or Drink: On The Rocks delves into 41 spicy questions that are safe for work.
    • WHATs INCLUDED?: 41 intimate question cards + 6 blank (customizable) cards + 16 Buy a Round cards
    • HOW TO PLAY: The rules are simple! Set out the drinks, and shuffle the deck of cards. Draw a card and ask the question printed on it. Will you take a drink (of choice!), or tell the cold hard truth? By nights end youll all be better friends after asking the questions youd never dare ask out loud.
    • MADE BY CUT: Truth or Drink is based on our hit YouTube series with over 2.4 billion views (and counting!). Our goal is to build community, one awkward conversation at a time. Now its your turn! Only a bottle stands between you and the ultimate truth.

      - $34.99

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